My POS 2.6

My POS is a simple to use POS fitting and fuel calculator
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My POS is a simple to use POS fitting and fuel calculator.
The current revision supports the following:

- All standard and faction towers and fittings
- Downloading POS information including current fuel levels through the EVE API
- Saving / Loading of one or multiple towers to disk with its own file association
- Saving / Loading of a tower fitting so it can be applied to different towers
- Reading of POS low fuel evemails for quick access to how much more fuel you need
- The ability to calculate fuel requirements for one or any infinite number of towers along with isk costs
- Calculates the m3 needed along with percentage of tower space available
- Online or Offline modules as needed to check fitting without having to remove and re-add over and over.
- Exporting of tower fittings as plain text or BBCode.
- Full moon location look-up through a offline moon database to tie the CCP Moon ID to your towers actual moon location. Any moon location that cannot be retrieved will have the system name retrieved instead.

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